IMG_5846Last weekend we joined friends for one night of camping in beautiful Virginia.  This was our first time bringing Grace and she fared really well. David is an avid backpacker, hiker, and camper and marrying him means I get to experience a taste of that world. I said a taste, which translates to bathrooms on the grounds and our car right next to the campsite just in case I can’t rough it any longer. Honestly can I be serious for a second?  Camping isn’t that bad, dare I say its fun. You get to make a little temporary space your home, hang out with friends around a warm fire, and live simply even if it is for less than 24 hours. Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to go every weekend or even again this fall but a few times a year, especially as Grace gets older is something we look forward to. Below you can see what little we brought for Grace and some pretty hilarious pics of Grace in my hat.

What we brought for Grace:

  1. LOTS of blankets
  2. extra clothes, socks, layers
  3. diaper bag (whatever toys can fit in it)
  4. clip on high chair
  5. baby carrier

IMG_5888 IMG_5875IMG_5886 ^camping was worth it for this photo alone. It might be my favorite photo of her to date.


IMG_5878IMG_5897 IMG_5950 IMG_5906 IMG_5935 IMG_5945

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