In the spirit of Valentine’s Day I thought it would be appropriate to share our wedding highlight video. While originally on the fence about getting a wedding video or not,  I am so glad I did. We were able to connect with Erin Sellers whose work is fantastic and was able to capture the most important parts to our day. The movie starts with my grandfather Francis singing which was a wedding gift surprise that I now have on film forever. People, moments, and details of your wedding will blur together so having a videogpraher (as well as an amazing photographer) there to capture them all should be a top priority.

Not only do weddings go by in the blink of an eye but sometimes life does too. For the past several years my life has been on the fast track and the blessings are so abundant its hard to keep up. I look back and remind myself of how quickly life really does unfold; it happens while you are working 40+ hours a week, chatting with girlfriends and planning for the next big move, or when you feel like life isn’t moving at all. Looking back on the past several years these are how my Valentine’s Days can be summed up:

2.14.14 Went on a blind date with someone… I can’t recall their name

2.14.15 Engaged and first Valentine’s Day with David

2.14.16 Married and expecting our first little in one month (3.14.16)

Life happened and being able to predict any of it would have been impossible. My hope for you is to be encouraged, be you, have faith and enjoy your Valentine’s Day sharing it with the ones you love not just the one you love.