Kids Swim Suits 2019

I’m always on the hunt for a cute suit for the kids. For Grace I try and pick something modest but also with a rash guard because of the sun. This one was too cute to pass up. I loved the playfulness of the print and the blue that brings out her eyes (yes I think about that kind of stuff). I mean if we are being honest I would love to have a matching one but that didn’t happen this year. JUDGE ME. I am not a huge fan of skimpy suits on kids but knew this year the two piece was key. We all know her using the restroom with a one piece would be more work for me than necessary. Just something to keep in mind as your kids get older and potty trained.

Staying on theme with the cute safari animals I loved the colors in these swim trunks for Cannon. His little body in a suit, I’m lucky I didn’t buy another one. I ordered the 12-18month just to make sure even though he’s fairly tiny still. The swim diaper adds a few pounds on the babe so keep that in mind. He got a rash gaurd with his but I returned it because he isn’t in the water much at all, maybe a splash pad here or there.

1 . Grace’s two piece swim suit

2. Cannon’s swim trunks