Grace the budding photographer

I have been letting Grace take more and more photos when she asks. Perfect? NO. Centered? NO. almost always in Black and White? YES.

This was story time at a friends house which turned into me blowing kisses at Grace. Getting a glimpse of her perspective is refreshing. While I might have been thinking, ‘NO we are reading a book now, come on, pay attention.’ These few minutes might have been the creative outlet she needed. Kind of a “let them be little approach” instead of “force them to be mature.” I am trying to listen to her interest and when I can say Yes I do, but that’s another post for another day. Thank goodness I have a blog.

G, You are creative. Periodically you ask for my phone to take pictures and I tend to oblige. The world through your lense, is yours alone. Capture your days while you live them. Enjoy the highs and the lows because the contrast is what makes the best days just that. I luv your creative spirit. xoxo mom