34 Weeks with Poppy

Lauren Joseph Photography

Today marks 34 weeks carrying Poppy and it does finally feel like I am truly just weeks away from meeting our sweet little and finding out if its a boy or a girl! Pregnancy has at times appeared to have more downs than ups :ENTER: heartburn, fatigue, hormones, and Braxton Hicks, but I do know it will all be worth it.

One of the more memorable parts of the pregnancy that I love and love telling people is, we have a very active baby! Just this week we are able to see the stretching arms and legs and all the tumbles and turns just by looking at my belly. From the beginning feeling butterfly kicks as early as 17weeks was surreal, I loved it, it would make me cry and remind me how real being a mama was going to be. Then the bigger kicks came and grabbing someones hand (anyone that was around typically, I’m not shy) and saying, “CAN YOU FEEL THAT?” only to have them wait what seems like an eternity (2-3mins) to say, “No” stunk. Now if I really want to put on a show I drink a lot of cold water and or sometimes a few sips of a soda and it sometimes only takes minutes for Poppy to perform. Nothing like when you friends are chanting “Chug! Chug!” as you down a cold bottle of water. David of course encourages the kicking and has already adopted the very proud papa persona of, “that’s my kid!” So please keep up the kicking, jumping, tumbling Poppy.  I know I will miss all of our shared moments, just the two of us, all day every day the moment you make your arrival.

The Week In Review

1. I have no idea what size fruit you are

2. We are 6weeks from your due date

3. You love ice cold water and have given me a sweet tooth (thank you! I had forgotten how amazing ice cream and brownies are)

4. Dad and I are watching Making a Murder and find it very frustrating, not a binge for us at all

5. I’ve chilled in regards to “nesting” and am no longer obsessing over baskets

6. The Iowa caucus is today and your aunts, uncle, and grandpa have been there all weekend attending events and meeting candidates.