Message from God

c r e e p y  c h r i s t i a n  alert! 1/2 kidding but really. You’re either here because you believe in being in tune with the holy spirit or you don’t and you’re like… I wonder to what degree I disagree with Sarah?! How  off her rocker is she?

I will just recount my encounter and you be the judge. Even though you aren’t [the judge], we aren’t [the judge], He is [the judge]. Whatever. No judgement right?

“It’s ok to care for him (Cannon) today and better yet care for him guilt free.”

That’s what I heard God speak (not literally) to me when I was waiting in line for a prescription at CVS. I should preface this does not happen every day, I don’t have full on conversations with God every day or every year for that matter. One thing I do know is when it happens, when you feel something pulling at your heart strings you have to lean in and listen. So that’s what I did and am trying to follow through.

As a nitortious busy person who lives more by her agenda than her Bible lately I thrive on doing the most. I try and live my everyday to its fullest, crafts, work, trips, serving, cleaning, hosting the list goes on. Most people are reading this now thinking, “YAAAS QUEEN!” but I respond with NO. On the contrary I feel the Holy Spirit slowing me down and preparing me for something else. See Cannon was placed in front of me in his carseat which God used to speak to me as well. The thing is I haven’t carried Cannon in his carseat in almost a year. I just don’t, he’s too big, he can walk, he can sit on my hip… but God used this 25lb baby in a carseat as a message that my baby isn’t a baby anymore and while I continually and naturally love to serve, I need to slow down.

SO WHAT HAVE I DONE? I didn’t quit my job, sell my house, and become a recluse. Instead I spoke with David, some trusted friends, and prayed.

  1. We didn’t watch TV and I tried to avoid our phones on Sunday. We don’t know if we will do this every Sunday or not realistically but I will say the not being tethered to my phone forced more quality time. Same went for the elimination of TV. It forced us to get on the floor and play. I already did this but I did it for a longer less interrupted. My kids got to have a day to be more creative with their play. We built forts, painted, and baked. All things we do daily but more intentional with out notifications popping up and my headspace somewhere else.
  2. I was guided to read The Best Yes which asks; “Are you living with the stress of an overwhelmed schedule and aching with sadness of an underwhelmed soul?” UHHH YEAH, KIND OF! I am 3 chapters in now and really enjoying it. I highly recommend.
  3. I said NO to a few extra Freelance jobs even though I was tempted to make the extra cash for Christmas. I knew God wanted me to rest, guilt free.

That’s it. I know I am not the only one who experiences a busy life. I am sure its gonna get busier and I see the blessing of a packed schedule, family and friends to spend time with, places to go, a job to do. All things I know, but am feeling pulled in another direction and I don’t want to ignore the pull