9 things I would tell myself in my 20s

  1. You aren’t fat. Honestly you aren’t. You are not thick, chubby, unfit, or any other negative word that has to do with your appearance. Stop deleting pictures thinking they aren’t flattering, they are often exactly what you look like- get used to it, its who we are forever.
  2. Your husband isn’t everything you wanted- he’s better. You didn’t meet your husband at a Nats game or on the Hill working in politics. He talked to you from across a table at group dinner and said, “You, I like you- you’re funny.” The rest is history.
  3. You’re funny. Remember when you told two jokes on stage in college in front of maybe 1,000 people and it was AWESOME?! That should have been enough validation but it wasn’t. Write Comedy.
  4. Buy the Condo. Will I have enough money to do this on my own? Will I want to live here for more than a couple of years? Do I like this neighborhood? Arguably all the “right” questions but in hind sight it would have been clutch. Every neighborhood has improved, and DC is poppin’. Couldah, Wouldah, Shouldah.
  5. Start the blog. You think about it all the time. You have notebooks full of what you would post about, why, and how you would do it. With the same ambition and honestly a lot less demands (husband, two kids, house to keep) DO IT! pull the trigger. Don’t let anyone shame you into thinking it’s silly.
  6. He’s just not that into you. Stop obsessing over said ex boyfriend or boy you wanted to be your boyfriend. Being in a reltionship is not the end all be all and there are so many other things you could be doing. You’re wasting too much headspace by being boy crazy. UGH!
  7. Don’t buy more clothes. You don’t need to wear something new every time you go out. Stop spending money on clothes to impress people you don’t know or people you do know and don’t care.
  8. Invest your Money. Diversify, it will give you more comfort in the years to come.
  9. You have time. While being of the generation who demands instant gratification, success, and things delivered to your door step, take.your.time. It is all happening in His perfect timing. Enjoy your friends, family, and free time. It all changes.