Men's Fall Jcrew Sale Items1. Green Flannel   2. Green Sweater  3. Grey Henley   4. Rugged Button Up

Do y’all shop for your husbands or boyfriends? Are they randomly particular about what they wear or spend on clothes? If you have been following along on Snapchat (sclink21) or InstaStories (sarah.n.smith) you have seen some funny vids of what David views as fashionable. In his defense he has been the same size since college (jealous) and doesn’t need new clothes. Honestly most of the time I don’t care what he wears, if the man would rather spend money on beer and board games it translates to more clothing money for me!

However… Every change of season I am able to sneak a few new pieces into his closet and he doesn’t mind. Yesterday without his permission (we typically touch base if we are going to spend outside our monthly budget) I spent $100 at J.Crew on four classic/rugged tops. Averaging $25 each he can’t really protest that I spent too much and J.Crew brings it with quality and style, am I right?

The four picks above fit Davids outdoorsy persona, can be layered together, and won’t go out of style for years. Let’s hope he likes them because ready or not they are already on their way to the apartment. So browse J.Crew where there it’s an additional 40% off sale and pick something out for your someone and for yourself!

Happy Thursday Night! Go Nats!

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