Photogrpahy by Maureen Weir

J. Crew Scarf  (on sale) // Old Navy shirt old (similar chambray) // J.Crew Tank // J.Crew hat sold out (similar) // Loren Hope Bracelet

When you love to shop but haven’t been a consistent size since the summer, investing in a lot of new pieces can be not only tough, but also impractical for your budget. As that beautiful little continues to grow, (trying to put a positive spin on gaining an aggressive amount of weight) you will undoubtedly need to buy some staple pieces. Jeans, black pants and maternity leggings have been mine. But when it comes to maternity tops… they are usually empire waist and tie in the back so you look like a sister wife. NOT.FOR.ME.

Above I have kept it simple and added accessories. I have found being pregnant has given me a newfound appreciation for “one size fits all.” Hats, scarves and jewelry are great because you can always justify pieces that you can keep post baby bump. They will also spruce up your go to outfits aka uniforms. I have to mention this bracelet, made in the tiny but great state of Rhode Island, by Loren Hope. I have been admiring her work for a while via Instagram and finally pulled the trigger. This bracelet goes with everything and comes in an array of other great colors. I have my eye on a few stunners in ice blue more specifically.

Here’s to the first “fashion” post on #luvthesmiths!

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