PSA: I bring my baby to bars. Ok well let’s not get carried away- bar/restaurants and it’s not 10pm on a Friday, it’s Tuesday and we are at Smoke and Barrel.  With two floors (we are actually in the basement but look at that natural light), great beer, and Taco Tueadays we love to pop in and unwind here in the neighborhood.

Living close to so many great places to eat it’s hard to choose where to go. We have been to Smoke and Barrel a few times now and love their unique take on BBQ, don’t believe me? They have vegan options! While we aren’t vegan we have tried a few of the vegan items on the menu and they are actually really good. If you’re skeptical definitely give their Sweet Potato and Oat burger or the Vegan Chicken cutlet sandwich a try, it won’t dissapoint. IMG_4078IMG_4096If BBQ tacos and other non vegan fare is something you can get down with Smoke and Barrel offers up a Taco Tuesday special which you can’t pass up. I know my food photography needs some work but you get the idea, three yummy tacos and a side all for $5 until 11pm. you simply can’t beat that in the city. Other personal favs have to be the jalpeno poppers or the double choclate cheesecake for dessert. IMG_4111

IMG_4104There you have it, a fun night out with the babe that didn’t break the bank. If there are other Taco Tuesday specials or cheap eats y’all love in and around the DC  do let me know in the comments section below! Thanks for reading 🙂

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