If you follow me on IG you know that I am an advocate for not deleting photos of yourself. Grace has recently gotten into taking pictures on my phone (I wonder where she got that from?) and sometimes I am taken aback.


I mean yes that’s what I looked like that morning when I was playing with my kids. That was actually me teaching Cannon “Patty Cake” with a cough drop in my mouth. That was us in that moment.

Now imagine I look at the photos Grace just took and delete them as she watches. What example I am setting if I delete all the photos Grace takes of me after looking at them? This isn’t a trick question, it would be a bad one. I would be setting a precedent that the only moments worth remembering are those where I look a certain way. 

Don’t get me wrong I love a good photo shoot and a full face of makeup. I am all about selfcare. Heck! In the morning I do my makeup with Grace as she watches and *gasp* even let her put some on too. What I am trying to instill in myself and with her is we are beautiful both ways: straight or messy hair, makeup or not. So when she is taking pictures of me and tilts the phone my way to show off what she captured, I am making a conscious effort to respond with, “wow cute! Thanks Grace!” instead of the negative self talk that can be so common about the size of my arm… ya know what I mean?!

IF you made it this far you are my people and you deserve the cliff notes:

1. Don’t delete ALL the photos of you and your little ones. You won’t have much to look back on.

2. You shouldn’t care and your kids don’t care what you look like.

3. These mothering moments are worth capturing for ourselves and them.

May you be blessed with time to be able to look back on photos with your kids many many moons from now. The.End.


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