img_6416 img_6422 img_6425 If you don’t get excited about dressing up your little in some of these adorable costumes you need to! I know Grace will not always be my doll where I dress her in whatever I want (but that’s why people have more kids…) so until then, LOBSTAH! We had decided that our first born was going to be a lob-stah (you have to say it that way) possibly before we knew I was pregnant. David really loved the idea and never parted from it so his wish is my command and voila- two chefs and a their meal prep. We hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween night with their family. I’ve been working hard on some great content coming up for Thanksgiving and Christmas ahhhh!

Be sure to go through a few more photos and see the sweet one of my Dad with Grace Elle.

img_6433 img_6435^Thanking the hair Gods lately for my quickly growing locks… If you didn’t know already your hair thins after you stop nursing and I LEGIT have a bald spot (another day, another post). img_6440img_6441img_6453img_6393This photo of Grace and my Dad might be my favorite from the entire post. He had five girls and now a granddaughter, he is truly a saint. You would never know he finished the Marine Corp Marathon yesterday at 58! GO DAD! We also celebrated with my amazing mama and in laws but we didn’t get to snap a photo with all of them (mom/blogger fail) Oh well just another excuse to dress Grace up again sometime this week.


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