This week has been a tough with my Aunts passing. I am working on finding joy in the everyday and not to be overwhelmed by the sadness of my cousins losing there mama, my uncle losing his wife, and my grandparents losing their daughter. We lost her in our everyday phone calls, texts, and Facebook updates but I have to remember she is now with us all day every day. Easier said than believed. Her face, voice, and laughter are still vivid in my mind and honestly I hope that doesn’t change.

One of her fun personality traits (there were many) was that she used to decorate her house for every holiday and send the family video tours. It was tastefully done and made her home warm and inviting just like her. I want to make what little space we have more fun for the Holidays like she would. Just yesterday I taped 20bats along the wall while Grace was sleeping and when she woke up she slapped the floor with approval. It doesn’t compare to what she would do and only captures a sliver of what made her amazing but it was something I could do right away to remember her.

Auntie Fran, I love you. I remember every sleepover you set up for Ali, Ann, and myself. I remember living at your house most of my fourth grade year. I remember you at every wedding dancing the night away. I remember you leaving chocolate on my pillow when we flew in for the fall festival in NH. I remember you loving on Grace Elle this summer and reminding me to cherish my time with her and I will, I will every day. I love you.

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