IMG_5670IMG_5491IMG_5413IMG_5400Tis the season for fall festivals! Last Sunday we spent hours enjoying the festivities at Cox Farms. After doing a decent amount of research on local pumpkin patches, Cox Farms stood out as the best. The property is huge and there is a lot going on; activities, food, pumpkins, and a seasonal market for shopping. There are several activies to wear your kids out including:

• Rope swings (think Tarzan) into a pile of hay

• Several slides both for big and small kids

• Enchanted forest that’s stroller friendly

• Hay ride (15-20mins)

• Farm animal pens- pigs, turkeys, ducks, donkeys, bunnies, chickens

• Stage with live music

• Pirates adventure playground

IMG_5340 IMG_5389There are several different food stands you can grab some munchies at: BBQ, kettle corn, caramel apples, and chicken tenders. In the future we plan to bring a picnic but NOT pack dessert because the Apple Cider donuts are legit! Seriously sooooo good- in full disclosure I had a three donuts that day and still have no regrets about it. Later that evening I shared the remaineder with my parents and slightly regret it, don’t cheat yourself and get a dozen it’s worth it. Did I mention I got down with some Apple cider donuts?!

IMG_5543 IMG_5560 IMG_5561Above you can see me really struggling to get Grace Elle to take a photo, so much for being a chic mommy blogger hello reality. I mean let’s be honest she’s 7months old and was fighting to get in her second nap, so no shame Grace, you do you. IMG_5512^Hello sweet pumpkin booties.

IMG_5469IMG_5393Too much excitement calls for a mid day snooze fest. We did other activities besides take pictures of Grace (though that was my favorite). A very close second was going on a hay ride through different fall scenes encountering fun characters along the way. The best part of the ride was when we  rode through the “Wild Wild West” and saw real horses that walked beside the tractor.

IMG_5420 IMG_5421IMG_5418 IMG_5495IMG_5376IMG_5595 IMG_5602 IMG_5604 IMG_5589 IMG_5594Above were my best efforts to show Grace as a pumpkin, I really was “that” mom but luckily so was every other parent! The Farm offered up ample photo taking set ups and people were all about it.

At the end of your visit when you’re leaving there is a fairly large fall market with lots of seasonal goodies and most importantly more pumpkins. If you have time to get out to Cox Farms you definitely should and then send me some donuts 🙂  As always thanks for reading!

*BLOOPER PHOTOS: she’s happy 90% of the time and the other 10% is this- grumpy baby and screaming baby! I can’t help but laugh 🙂  IMG_5643 IMG_5624