Um….wait what?!


Yup it’s true, we moved to Virginia just before Christmas. We had flirted with the idea of moving months ago but I honestly didn’t think we would. I had my roots firmly planted in the city with no intention of leaving but then life had other plans.

One night David and I were mulling over the life we would like to provide for our family. Traveling, more children, and becoming homeowners are all on that list. After crunching numbers one option really stood out and I simply put it out there, “we should just move in with my parents and save our rent.” One thing I love about David is he is decisive. He quickly agreed and we kind of just committed to the decision and haven’t looked back. We hope that the sacrifice now will pay off big in the future.

In the spirit of being positive I’ll list all the good things that have resulted from the move and not the list of cons (it would be a long list…. JUST KIDDING- but seriously).

  1. our apartment doubled in sized and now live in about 1,110sqft.  If you consider we do live/visit/eat on the main floor of my parents house its actually even bigger.
  2. now we live with 3 more people that love and adore Grace & want to watch her from time to time.
  3. David has more potential board game players at home (I’m actually serious).
  4. i’m cherishing the quality time with my parents and watching them as grandparents
  5. my sister Louisa is crazy good at hair and makeup and I’m hoping she’ll help my look this year
  6. we are only 20miles/30min drive outside the city
  7. we live closer to our “village” in VA and get to see some friends more often
  8. the metro was miserable this year with constant track work and now I own a car

This is not goodbye DC this is just see ya later… like this weekend because I can’t stay away.

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