IMG_6159 IMG_6161 IMG_6073 IMG_6146IMG_6093 IMG_6099 IMG_6104A few Sundays ago friends and I went to Paradise Springs to enjoy this unseasonably warm weather. Since I am an extrovert quality time with my friends is essential to keep me going. There are a lot of articles floating around the internet about how motherhood is isolating and I don’t disagree. I think at times, especially if you are a stay at home mom your days start to blur together. Each day  you are trying to entertain, engage, feed, and most importantly love your kid. Often there isn’t a lot of time for yourself. Since I am a freelancer I do have weeks when I am more busy than others. There are days where I am in PJS till noon…or all day, but I try and make them few and far between.

Getting out of the apartment for coffee or window shopping really turns my day around. One of the many reasons I love living in the city is that I can just go on a walk and be around so many people. Having Grace in the stroller we often meet people in line or on the metro that want to engage with her. Unfortunately some of the conversations I have can be kind of repetitive and go something like this:

Stranger: “Oh wow she’s so cute, how old?”

Me: “oh about 8months now”

Stranger: “Is she crawling?”

Me: “just a little…”

GAWD even typing that seemed boring. The point being is that often people want to know about Grace and I oblige but I try and ask them questions, “Do you have any kids? How old? What was your favorite part of them being a baby? Do you have any advice for a first time mom like myself?” This makes the conversation a little more about them and I get to learn something while not having to have the same conversation over and over.

How you bring this one step further is the ability to make community connections. I frequent the same places in DC and instead of just passing by people every day I make an effort to try and remember peoples names and know them a little better when its not too busy. We have Richardo at Starbucks, Shelia our crossing guard, and Nathan at Georgetown Cupcakes, just to name a few.

So is motherhood isolating at times? yes, if you let it be. Start your days with showering, then putting on comfy atleisurewear wear (I dress like I work out, but I don’t… often) and do what makes YOU tick and bring your kid along. A happy mama makes for a happy baby and a happy house.


OH yeah, WINERIES! If you are looking for something fun to do this weekend I have to suggest Paradise Springs Winery in Clifton, VA.


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