img_6714img_6677img_6673img_6652Last Wednesday we walked to the National Zoo to check out img_6724ZooLights. If you have never been it’s a holiday must here in the city and its free. When you arrive you are greated into a well lit winter wonder safari and follow a path through out parts of the park.

Before starting on our walk we stopped into the visitors center and let Grace crawl around and watch the motorized trains. Set into the mountain side you can watch the trains trek through the wilderness over and over again. Grace enjoyed following the trains on the loop as well as crawling around the auditorium. On your way out you can purchase a beverage of your choice: cider, hot coco, beer, or wine. It’s a great way to keep warm while walking between the different exhibits because there is no denying its already cold here in the city.

Wearing Grace Elle as my little Kola Cub we walked through the park taking in all the lights and stopping into the different Exhibit Buildings. My favorite was the small mammal house (HELLO NAKED MOLE RAT) and David’s was the reptiles. This was a great opportunity to visit the Zoo without it being too crowded. All in all we were there for about 2hours and enjoyed every minute of it.   We can’t wait till next year when Grace is running around and leading the way instead of asleep in her sling (I’m going to regret saying that I’m sure).


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