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EDITORS NOTE: I wrote this back in 2016 when I started Luv the Smiths. I think its funny and cool to re read now as I revisit the blog. If you are considering starting a blog maybe these thoughts have crossed your mind as well.

Attempting this whole life and style blogging adventure has really made me ask myself some questions and I plan to answer them all again by the end of this post.

  1. Why are you doing this?
  2. Do you want to put your life out there for others to judge?
  3. Do you think you are pretty/cool/fun enough?
  4. Is this where you want to put your extra time and energy?

I have wanted to blog for over a year now. It’s something that I have found as a “creative outlet” which so many bloggers say, but is true. I was the artsy kid in school that always would rather make a poster than write a report, as I have gotten older I rarely find time to sit down and paint, scrap book, craft, but rather shop, design, and decorate. I see it as an amazing way to share what is going on in my life and if nothing else a live journal. Addicted (yes I admit it, I am addicted and practice leaving my phone in the back of the car or in another room just so I am not on it at times) to my phone and taking pictures only to find myself backing up 2k photos to never use or see again is silly. I look forward to sharing with friends and family from near and far as well as new followers along the way what life is like here in DC, newly married, and with our soon to be little. So lets recap-

  1. Why are you doing this? It is really a creative reminder of this beautiful life. I often have thought, “how cool would it have been if my parents kept a blog once or twice a week?” They met in DC, married, had five kids and are best friends. I would have loved to see where they were going on date nights, what fashions my mom was wearing, what they were thinking about marriage, and getting pregnant- again, again, and again… and again (the last two were twins). 
  2. Do you want to put your life out there for others to judge?  Is “haters gonna hate” too easy of an answer? Seriously there are a lot of reservations with what public opinion could be about how I do life, what I have to say or why I am doing this in the first place. Honestly I have prayed a lot about blogging and am excited to have dialogue with people that are both encouraging and challenging. I do believe there are nice ways to say everything so I hope for this to be an positive space more than anything else. 
  3. Do you think you are pretty/cool/fun enough? Every women has this kind of self talk before posting anything on the internet I feel like. The answer to this question has often been NO and holding me back. Finding out I was pregnant and gaining weight all over led me to be less confident and constantly pushing blogging to the back burner. The reality is I am who I am today, how I look, and what I do. My self worth isn’t defined in a photo or blog post but in Jesus and that grounds me when negative self talk rears its ugly head
  4. Is this where you want to put your extra time and energy? Yes. There many other aspects of life that will always come before blogging: God, family, friends, kids, work, fitness, finances, trips, volunteering and the list goes on and on. This Blog will be the net that catches some of these moments and shares them with ya’ll.

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