img_6512img_6514 img_6517 img_6519  img_6518 img_6520 img_6521 img_6532Can you even with these two?! I have literally laughed out loud looking at Graces expressions in these photos. Yesterday morning I worked briefly on the hill and my dad was able to watch Grace. I love that shes gets quality time with him and he shows her around the neighborhood. Being able to live next to both my parents and David’s is a blessing. Both sets of grandparents have gone above and beyond in helping raise Grace. Thank you mom for COSTCO runs of diapers, wipes, and food. Thanks Dad for watching her when I have to work. Thank you mama Smith for coming every Thursday and giving me hours of rest. Thank you Mr. Smith for watching her on the weekends so David and I can have a date night.

Tis the season for thanksgiving so my wish for all of you is to have safe travels and quality time with all of your loved ones. OH! I also challenge you to take pictures this holiday! Don’t delete them all or dodge out of them because you don’t like the way you look. This is your life; enjoy it, record it, so later you can tell it.

Happy Friday!



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