img_6019Are you are looking for a fun fall DIY? Don’t want a lot of mess? These Succulent pumpkins are a simple way to dress up your table and bring fall right into your dinning room for the whole season. My good friend Brittany from and I are thrilled to collaborate on this post together and hope you find it as successful as we did.

Here’s what you need friend:

  • mini pumpkins
  • moss
  • succulents
  • glue gun
  • scissors
  • *note we ended up NOT using the adhesive spray (good thing too because it was $8 and yes, I already returned it).

img_5996Step 1:Trim your succulents in small pieces. Do not worry about making uniform cuts or snipping to an exact length. The charm of this project is in its organic design and no two are alike. img_5999Step 2: Use glue gun to secure moss around the stem of the pumpkin. Try to leave a little ring of space for the succulent stems.

Step 3: Play with your succulent placement before gluing. This way you can secure them quickly without letting the glue dry when you are sure of the look you want. img_6003img_6008 Step 4: Using your hot glue gun, apply generous amounts of glue to the ring around the stem area of your pumpkin. Quickly place your succulents on the glue. In a gentle (but firm) manner, hold each succulent piece in the glue for a few seconds. After the glue has dried, try to pull off any “spiderwebs” of the glue.img_6011img_6025img_6042Voila! Now you have a beautiful fall decor piece that can serve as a place setting, party favor, centerpiece, or even a hostess gift. We are really pleased that they came out as a pintrest success and not a pintrest fail. You can do it, I’m pretty sure Grace could have done it if she tried 😉 OK not Grace but you get the idea.

As always leave a comment below if you liked what you saw/read and if you want to see some more DIYs in the future!

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