Hi friends! We did it, we made our first video of signing with baby Grace. Baby Sign Language is all the rage right now and with good reason. Babies usually don’t speak their first words till about a year old while they can produce signs with intention anywhere from 8-11 months old. Babies cry in order to communicate their wants and needs but if they know Sign Language those desires can be expressed which reduces tantrums and frustration and who doesn’t want that?! Want more good news? It’s not too late to teach your little one. You may not have a new baby at the moment but go ahead and teach your toddler or elementary age student. Kids are sponges and are able to learn and retrain so much at such a young age and if  your family grows they will be able to teach and interact with their sibling. The more everyone in the immediate and extended family knows it not only reinforces the signs but creates a family bond over something everyone can get behind, Learning!

In this first video we simply learn:

  1. MAMA
  2. DADA
  3. MILK
  4. BED (we say night night)
  5. BABY

How to Start

  1. Simply start signing these five signs as often as possible. Any time you are changing them start saying? Who am I? I’m your MAMA! MAMA! or MOM and DAD love you, you get the idea.
  2. Sign in their sight line. I try and get Grace engaged and playing and sign right where she can see the sign. VERY quickly you will see your baby watching your hands and maybe even lighting up or stomping with excitement at the sign. For Grace this sign is typically MILK and not MAMA or DADA but we aren’t too offended.
  3. Try and sign with your spouse or with your spouse around. We do this because Grace isn’t a dog and we aren’t teaching her a trick. We want her to see that the signs have meanings so a few times a day when David and I have a moment he will sign to me HI MAMA! or I will sign with her WHERE’S DADDY? THERE HE IS (pointing at him). This will become easier as you learn 10-15 signs.
  4. Be Patient and Positive. You can do it, you will be surprised how many success stories you will hear of other parents using signs (mostly related with the sign MORE). Any attempt at a sign from your little should be praised. They might be making the effort and the sign won’t look exactly the way it should but they will perfect it soon.

Remember this is our first video and we plan to post one every other week or so because we are adding more and more signs everyday. I am an American Sign Language Interpreter but David is not and he is learning right along with you. If he can do it (a math minded engineer) you can too! It goes without saying, but I’ll say it, if you have an opportunity to get involved with the Deaf community in your area that’s the best way to learn American Sign Language. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel (thanks sister Louisa our first and only subscriber right now) and comment about your success stories, questions, comments or signs you would like to learn!

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