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Lauren Joseph Photography

Monday marked 35 weeks with Poppy and more preparation for his/her arrival than ever. I am not by any means a type A personality that has read every birth book, contemplated over the choices, and thrives on a structured birthing plan. I have ideas about how I would like to have a pain-free quick labor with fake eyelashes on, wavy hair with lots of volume all while welcoming visitors in just hours later to share a glass of red wine while Poppy rests in my arms. Apparently that isn’t really how childbirth goes, so I thought it would be best to prepare by taking a natural birthing class with David.

In the first of four classes our instructor provided ice breakers where we got to mingle with the other couples, learn more about them and what kind of birth plans they had. It was nice to meet other soon to be parents in DC. It’s no secret that the city is a thriving metropolis for DINKS (double income no kids) and 20 something mamas are a rare bread. I mean, I know they are out there but it’s not like David and I lurk around day cares and parks shaking peoples hands and asking them, “Do you live in an apartment with a newborn? How big is it? No, not the baby, the apartment.” or, “What kind of stroller do you have? What’s best for the metro and shopping the crowded streets of Georgetown?” To be honest we didn’t ask any of those questions to the people in our class either, but there is always next week… and knowing they are out there is great.

The class did take a turn resembling a sitcom when we learned about breathing, meditation, and the excitement of the first stages of birth. We all got on the floor while the women practiced breathing and relaxing while the men provided massages and words of encouragement. We tried to take it seriously, but David and I couldn’t help but laugh at times (we weren’t the only ones). He would remind me, “You’re not going to have energy to talk, remember?” Which only made us both laugh harder, because I am not one to be at a loss for words. Over all we both left the class knowing more than when we arrived and feeling more confident.

I wanted to share some of the encouragement and mantras shared with me that I found empowering:

1. You can do this, there are women all over the world doing this right now, even in this very second.
2. You have 10cm in your hips, it is there.
3. Pain is temporary, there is a start and an end.

With those mantras as well as others that I am curating from friends, family, and the Bible, am feeling excited for Poppy’s birthday with little fear. If you had any mantra that kept you calm and strong during labor I would love to hear it below!

The Week in Review

  1. I may have called our insurance just to see how much another sonogram would be out of pocket since one isn’t “medically necessary”- turns out we will see you when you get here.

2. Your friend Levi had his birthday arrival on 2/8/16

3. You wake me up every two hours by punching my bladder so I feel like I’m in boot camp for your feedings already.

4. I am currently stalking all white “coming home” outfits for you

5. Your dad loves that I waddle- he thinks its cute

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