Quarantine Day 9

Today was the first real day that I implemented a stronger structure to our days. I think the idea that this is just a couple of weeks has sunk in that it’s a going to be several months of this new normal. It’s also the realization that there are a lot more hours in a day to fill when we don’t have our normal outings; parks, friend play dates, city museums, and restaurants as a treat. Today we started learning about plants, watched a video and read a book which you can see Grace doing in the first photo below. We planted Carrot and Peppers in hopes to grow something, anything. I’ll be honest, I have never planted or grown something in my life, I do not have a green thumb so I am hoping it works for little G who is already ready to check on the seeds tomorrow morning. While on one of our two walks of the day Grace picked up another rock and decided to paint it for her Meme. She requested a Green one and that’s just what she will get when we see her again. All and all, I am tired, it was a long day and I am already trying to prepare for tomorrow. Math in the Morning (solely because of the alliteration), online books, scavenger hunts, art projects, with several TV shows sprinkled in between. It’s survival mode over here and I can’t pretend I am a fantastic teacher or my kids are learning as much as they were in the schools, but I am trying and that’s all we can do for the foreseeable future.

Stay home friends! XOXO